Article - The Mission Street Wealth Mission – Who We Are & What We Do For Our Clients

The best way to describe the mission of Mission Street Wealth is to view our client experience as part of a theatrical performance. Have you ever been to one? If you have, you’re familiar with the multi-faceted experience created with one goal – to engage and captivate audiences. 

What if we told you that a theatrical performance and retirement planning have much in common? At first glance, there likely aren’t many similarities that come to mind, but upon closer inspection, some interesting parallels can be drawn between the two. 

Let’s dive in.

Who I Am

I’m Gary Pia, CFP® and founder of Mission Street Wealth Planning, and the “assistant director” of your retirement planning theatrical performance. 

My academic background stems from communications, focusing on broadcasting (journalism, radio, advertising, and public relations). During my time in school, I lived with a roommate who was a theatre major. This friend encouraged me to audition for a short one-act play – the rest is history. 

You’re probably wondering why I’m focusing on the parallels between theatre and retirement planning, so let’s dive into it. 

Why You Need A Comprehensive Retirement Plan

  1. Your retirement plan is the script for your golden years. The script guides the actors in a play and ensures a cohesive and meaningful performance. In retirement planning, your script guides how you will manage your time and resources during your retirement years – ensuring a meaningful and enjoyable retirement. 
  1. Successful performances require preparation, rehearsals, and skill development. Similarly, a successful retirement requires preparation for saving, investing, and acquiring financial knowledge. 
  1. In performance, each actor and crew member has a specific role and responsibility that they contribute to the overall performance. In retirement planning, individuals must understand their roles and responsibilities in managing their finances, understanding investment options, and making decisions that align with their retirement goals.
  1. Just as actors need to adapt to unexpected situations on stage, individuals planning for retirement must also be adaptable. Economic conditions, health, and personal circumstances can change, ultimately requiring adjustments to the original plan.
  1. Both plays and retirement plans involve a long-term vision. A play is a culmination of efforts with a clear end goal. Retirement planning is a long-term process to achieve financial security in the later stages of life. 
  1. The culmination of a successful play is often marked by a curtain call, where the actors receive acknowledgment for their performance. Similarly, retirement is a time to celebrate the successful culmination of a career, and you should celebrate this incredible milestone. 

By viewing a retirement plan in this way, you can approach the planning process creatively, emphasizing the importance of preparation, teamwork, adaptability, and a well-executed plan for a successful “performance” in your golden years. 

With all this being said, here’s why you should work with Mission Street Wealth Planning for your retirement journey. 

Mission and Values

Everything we do at Mission Street Wealth Planning comes from a service-oriented mindset. I grew up surrounded by service-minded people, most notably my grandfather’s service as the local “Maytag Man” in San Pedro, California, from 1925-1975. 

My grandfather served as so much more than the person you called when your washing machine was broken. Instead, he was the person who would help your family have clean clothes – a significant role when you think about it. 

I serve my clients not with house calls to service machines but by working with them to understand their goals and dreams and ultimately help them create a custom retirement plan.

Why? Because mission makes money matter.  

Client-Centric Focus

My main goal as your retirement planning “assistant director” is to help you ensure you never run out of money in retirement and remain comfortable throughout your golden years. 

We do this by understanding what’s truly important to our clients. It’s your mission in life to do things that are meaningful to you, so we help you identify those meaningful things and align your money to them. That’s the critical meaning behind us being your “assistant director.” We are here to guide you through the process; the decision-making is entirely yours.

We’re not the only firm that does this, but we’re unique in that our commitment to following your values and goals is always at the forefront. Because money itself has no value – how you use it gives it value. That philosophy is behind everything that we do.

If you’re ready to get started on your retirement planning journey, Mission Street Wealth Planning would be honored to help guide you. Together, we can create the perfect script, complete the necessary preparation and planning, and celebrate your hard-earned retirement when the curtain call comes. 

Please contact us to get started. I can’t wait for the opportunity to work with you.