How To Tame A Bear Market

How to tame a bear market

Stock markets rise in value over long periods of time. The long-term investor is rewarded with outsized returns for being confident and patient. But the inevitable rise in value and growth in wealth comes at a cost. That cost is volatility and short-term uncertainty. Every successful investor knows the market’s rise will be interrupted from […]

It’s Only One Push Up: How To Achieve Your Goals

It’s Only One Push Up How To Achieve Your Goals

About a year ago I was coming up on a milestone birthday and I thought it would be cool if I was able to do as many push ups as years I’ve been alive. Very Jack LaLanne-like thinking. Unfortunately I performed my last push sometime in the last millennium. But I started anyway, just as I […]

Taxes Matter: Don’t Pay More Than You Need To

Taxes Matter: Don’t Pay More Than You Need To

Taxes make many good things possible in our society. Few of us want to pay the government more than our fair share…especially by accident. I’m proud to pay taxes, but I could be just as proud for half the money. Investment mistakes can cost you unnecessary taxes. Thankfully, there are several areas where smart tax […]

How Global Investing Is Like a Chocolate Chip Cookie

Why Global Investing: Think Of The Chocolate Chip Cookie

The smell of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies takes me straight back to my childhood. Mom would only use Nestle Toll House chocolate chips for those cookies. For her, and for me, they *were* chocolate chips. So what does that have to do with global investing? It is a delicious illustration (see what I did […]

Average Returns Are Misleading

Average Returns Are Misleading: How To Make Wise Investments

It’s not uncommon for people to base major decisions in their lives on the perceived odds of how that decision will pan out for them. Odds are like averages where the positive and negative outcomes are weighted to help people make decisions with their lives. However, when it comes to average returns, that kind of […]

Four Money Manager Secrets You Should Know And Use

Four Money Manager Secrets You Should Know And Use

Everyone has heard “past performance is no indication of future results.” But when it comes to investing what does that really mean? And, how can you use that understanding to protect and grow your nest egg? Being a smart money manager is like planning your route to the airport Let’s say you need to get […]

How To Make Successful Investment Decisions

How to make successful investment decisions

You know the old saying, ‘money doesn’t grow on trees?’ How much simpler life would be if that were true? Instead of worrying about building a financial portfolio and making the right investment decisions we could just reach for a branch and grab the next amount of money we needed. But that is not the […]

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