Who We Are

Hi! I'm gary pia

Service to the greater good and the abundant life. Prosperity. Happiness. Health. Harmony.

Real financial advice does two things. It removes the financial stresses and concerns you have, but don’t want. It helps create the financial outcomes you want, but don’t have. It has to do with your money, but it’s really about your life.

Real financial advice brings clarity. It helps you make confident decisions. The costs are clear and reasonable. It feels like the partnership you always wanted, because it is. 

I ask lots of questions and I listen until you’re sure I’ve heard you. I explain things clearly until you’re satisfied. I strive to act impeccably. I own my mistakes. I solve problems and provide solutions by surrounding myself with subject matter experts who share my passion for client service. I am in a perpetual state of personal and professional development.

I have acted in plays, conducted pit orchestras, sung in rock bands, and served on non-profit boards. I served three terms as the elected City Treasurer of South Pasadena, California. Because life is too short to live on only one side of your brain.

Gary Pia

How I Got My Start in this business

It wasn’t by design, but it was meant to be.

why i do what i do

I am deeply influenced by my family.

Your life goals require money. Your future and your children’s future depend on it.

Do you really want it managed based on subjective predictions about markets and the economy, or by sales hype?

I didn't think so.

That is why we rely on Nobel Prize winning investment research and economic theory to inform our investment thinking. In other words, “evidence based investing.”  We build, manage, and monitor portfolios with our partner Buckingham Strategic Wealth. Your investments are watched over and continuously reviewed by Loring Ward’s world class Investment Committee. A committee that includes Nobel Prize Winner Harry Markowitz.

Buckingham Strategic Wealth manages more than $13.5 billion in investor savings. They are my valued partner. They have helped me help my clients realize their life goals since since 1992.

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